my hero


By : Muh Faruq Al-mundzir

    In my mind, every people have a hero or heroes, and usually we will follow our hero’s attitude and his style. I have hero too. His name is umar bin abdul aziz, i thought you knew him. He is one of nineteen caliphsdynasty umayyah let me tell about him deeply.

He was born on 63 H or 682 M in mesir [but some historian said in madinah] and he was educated by ibnu umar in madinah. His father’s name is abdul aziz bin marwan, governor of mesir and his mother is ummu asim laila binti asim, as we knew, she was known as umar bin khattab’s grandchild. So umar bin abdul aziz is umar bin khattab great grandchild. He is included abdussyam descendants. When he was mature, abdulmalik bin marwancalled him and he merried off umar bin abdul aziz with his daugher, fatimah bin abdul malik. From this marriage, they get a boy and was given name abdul malik bin umar. He lived in two calips era namely al-walid I and sulaiman bin abdulmalik, his cousin.

When al-walid I died, he was changed by sulaiman bin abdul malik. While that, umar and sulaiman are friendship. So sulaiman knew many thing about umar, like his wisdom, kindness and godly.

Time by time passed, and sulaiman got serious sick and his conselor, raja’ bin haiwah asked him about next caliph or his heir. Apperenly, sulaiman didn’s chose from his near family or minister, he precisely showed umar to be his changer. So, raja’ asked him to write his tastement and ask his minister and guvernor to oath name in his testament.

After jum’at prayer, moslems waited and embittered about next caliph. When that, raja’ bin haiwah stood up and said“woke up hi umar bin abdul aziz, cause you were chosen by sulaiman bin abdul malik as caliph after him.”. then, umar stood up and said “hi all of moslems, actually this function was given to me without conference and discussion with me before, i also never ask it. So, i rescind your oath to me ang please choose who want you choose.”. But moslems consist to chose him.

So, on 717 M, he was installed as caliph of moslems. During as caliph, althougt just 2 years 5 month 5 day, he lead wisely and his goverment succes to make prosperous his society’s life. Historians also wrote that, during his era, he led like khulafaurrasyidin’s leading, like his regulations as same as khulafaurrasyidin regulations, and also, when that, nobody moslems has the right to received tithe.Even, the wolves was reluctant to prey on the livestock like goat or sheep. There are the reason why some historian included as umar II and the 5th khulafaurrasyidin.

There are some of his policy :

  • Give the guarantee for his citizen saving ang leaved his prodecesses which their policy were focus for enlarge territorial
  • Try to have netral attitude, and above of group, race, and ethnic
  • Cleared his goverment from dictator and corrupted official and canged them
  • Justice about right and obligation
  • Apply regulation about land tax for moslem and non-moslem
  • Remove and forbad all of big celebrated, cause useless and extravagant
  • Built the roads and lodgings for traveler
  • Channeled the tithe for finance marriagings and private depts

When 720 M, he die, some historians said that he was die cause poisoned by his waiter. And was tombed ondamaskus.

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