The New KPK Waited By Big Homework

Friday 18/12/2015, Indonesian people have haven a new structure of komisipemberantasankorupsi (KPK). From 8candidate, Indonesian legislative assembly (DPR) have chosen 5 names. The names was chosen is new people in corruption organization. They are, sautsitumorang, laode Muhammad syarif, irjen (pol) basariapanjaitan, alexandermawartoandagusrahardjo. All of them will lead KPK for 5 years, namely from 2015 until 2020.

While that, 3 candidate who stretchered by KPK internal,busyromuqaddas, sudjornoko and johanbudi nothing chosen. Whereas, proviusly many people hope him to became a leader of KPK.BeCause he have experience as  important man in KPK.

But, Indonesian corruption watch (ICW) confuse that this new leaders can be better than leaders before it. They have a base, some elected leader have  redraports. Moreover, until now, some case is finished yet. Like century case and BLBI case. So, the new KPK was waited by big homework and have to hard word.

But, sautsitumorang, the elected leader of KPK answer this confusing “we should learn from what KPK did  until now. If we tell about fang sharper or not, certainly, we should compare between 1 and other. If not work yet, we not yet prove, our fang is sharp or not.”

Need society support

As citizenry, all of us hope they can  cleaningindonesiangoverment from corruptor and other bad job. So our duty is support them to reach our dream. Whitout society support, they will get difficulty to work goodly.

“society involvement can’t bargained. KPK is different with police or attorney. Cause, except taking measure, KPK also function to prevention. KPK can’t do it alone, but need a cooperation with all side.” Laode m syarif said.

No CompromiseFor Corruption

For a long time, especially since began OTDA (otonomidaerah) era, so many cases about corruption. Althought they have gotten punishment, but a lot of them can go around and corruptor did’n stop stealing society’s right.

So, the solution is don’t compromise with corruptor. Give them hardest punishment, like death punishment and maybe the country take all of their property, then, send them to prison. finally, we must compact to prevent other official corrupt again. Don’t give them a chance to do it.  Let’s clear and clean our country from corruptor, together.

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