My Targets For A Year Later

I have arrived in 20th years old on 13th july. I think it is enough to have a few achieve I proud. But the fact is I have nothing. I not yet give anything for my perent. I not yet make my family proud to me. My life is stagnant. I just spent my time to play, sleep. Not usefull thing. And I so regret to admit it. I am shy.

So, I think, I have to make a target to motivate me to reaching my dream. Cause, without a target, we have a direction. We just do the animportant thing. So, have a direction is urgent. That way usefull to keep us always on the track.

Then, what are my targets.

  • I can using English fluently
  • I can speak, write and read Arabic better
  • I must increase my IP
  • I searching money by my self
  • I have an achieve


The last, I hope Allah SWT keep and give me power to reach my target. Maybe, my way to reach them is not as easy as thinking. But, I promise that I will struggle to reach it. Whatever happen, I will study harder, I will spirit and I will follow the rues. Amien.


Muhammad Faruq Al-Mundzir


Surabaya, 2016, July 15th

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