4 Stages of Tolerance in Islam

Since the twin tower of America, WTC exploded, islamophobia have been started in the Europe. It’s because of many media have been accused Moslems was behind that tragedy. They have been described Islam like bad religion, which recomendate it’s member to kill other religions members. They said Islam teached radicalism. Islam is a threat in the earth. The main point is Islam is intolerance. Is this declaration correct?. Let discuss it.

Holy Qur’an, Muslims book, has been never teached the brutality and intolerance. Instead, Islam command to goodness, meekness and tolerance. I going to prove it. I try to explain four Islam princip about tolerance.

  1. Inna ad-dina ‘inda Allahi Al-Islam.

The meaning is “in truth the religion by the side of Allah is Islam”. That mean is the only one of religion have been accepted by god is Islam. Muslim sure about that. Islam didn’t admit other religion. Islam claim the truth belong to it or islam is exclusive.

Muslim believe that islam is the last rules and the last religion was generated by Allah to human being via the last prophet, Muhammad, Peace be upon him. With generated islam, Allah cancel the other religion and recomendate them to follow Islam. But, that is not meat islam is radicalism and intolerance. Next princip will explain it.

  1. Laa ikraha fi ad-din

Although Islam didn’t admit other religionand exclusive, it never compulse every body to accept Islam. All is up to them. Islam give freedom to choose the truth. Allah said “ your duty (Muhammad) just spread this truth (Islam) and back to Allah, is he want to give them guidance. Cause the heart is belong to Allah SWT.

Moreover, this verse also mean no compulse in Islam. If you can’t practice Islam rules perfectly, never mind. But you must try hardly to practice it, however, the rules are for your kindness in the eart and the hereafter.

  1. Lakum diinukum wal-yadiin

“For you your religion and for me my religion”. There about the meaning. Example, we call them to Islam, and they don’t accept our exclamation, no problem. Islam just until there. Just spread the truth widely and the next is god’s affair. The important is Islam already give guidance.

But, this attitude not mean muslim give up when they don’t believe the truth of Islam. Muslim may not feel boring to extend about Islam. Cause, however, it is to save them in the hereafter day. Which just Islam will be accepted by God.

  1. Laa yanhaakum Allahu ‘an alladzi lam yoqotilukum fi addini wa lam yukhrijukum min dhiyaarikum

This princip has been explained that, a Moslem can have relation with other religion member as long as they don’t disturb Muslim. Moslems must spread peace to entire world. Even, a Moslem must do justice to them, cause Allah like justice men.

If we read the history about Muhammad and his friend, we will find the fact that they did this princip. Whereas Islam, in that ages, is the strong religion in arab. But, Moslem government do justice and prevent all people, included other religion member while they don’t disturb muslim importance.







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